A visitor centre is created in the IST campus park. The existing building is flanked by a green centre with old trees and a large body of water. The visitor centre is located in the west of the park and forms part of the landscape. A concrete podium juts out of the ground at varying heights -between 15 cm and 100 cm - depending on the terrain. It is a piece of furniture in the park - free to be used and enjoyed by visitors, staff and students alike. The conceptual extension of the western edge of the base meets the lecture hall directly at the south-western edge of the building. A vestibule acts as a buffer to the road and as an arrival point. A roof extends over the podium and beyond its edges to the north. The existing trees are partially incorporated – spaces emerge – an interplay between buildings and nature. Large cut-outs in the roof create patios and a series of open as well as sheltered outdoor spaces.

Concrete structures of various colours develop between the base and roof. Depending on their functional requirement, these structures penetrate both the podium and the roof and simultaneously represent spatial and functional links in the design. The clearly demarcated areas of the open building make orientation simple. The building's design features exposed concrete with diverse colourations. It is finished in insulating concrete, giving it a monolithic character.

Klosterneuburg, Niederösterreich, Austria
IST Campus
2018 - competition
visitor center, exhibition space and lecture hall
embedded in nature / colourful concrete / concise shapes