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We're looking for a Project Leader with a minimum 3 years experience and great German and English language skills to join our office in Vienna.

Please send a CV and a brief portfolio to office@steiner-architecture.com


FAT International's Mankei on the Grossglockner High Alpine Road is finally open!!!

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COMING UP! With stories of telephones, pit stops, dream lands and Los Angeles, the second issue of our inaugural journal The Letters ABCD will be exploring some of the vicissitudes of distance. Photograph by August Sarnitz.


See the latest drone images and videos from our Clinic outside Salzburg!

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As the snow begins to melt, the people of Steiner Architecture ff are getting back to work on this baby. Mankei by FAT will be opening its doors to the public in a couple of weeks, and we will be posting fantastic images like this one very soon.

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The Letters ABCD is Steiner Architecture’s inaugural magazine. Necessarily open-ended, protean, confident, cheeky. It strives to be more than a glorified business card. But can it? Nevermind. It showcases the studio’s built projects, unbuilt projects, preliminary arguments, not-so-preliminary arguments, inchoate ideas. 

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Launched in 1957, Sputnik was the first man-made satellite to orbit the Earth. This unassuming four-legged sphere circled our planet for three months before disintegrating in the atmosphere and occasioned the awkward period we know as the Space Race.

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Pick up the cadaver of the word c-o-m-p-l-e-x and drive it to the Austrian Alps. Tucked away on Lake Zell is a house to which that royal among the has-beens of buzzwords, depleted of meaning from years of overuse, might genuinely apply. The project’s starting point was formal and postmodern: Louis Kahn’s Trenton Bath House (NJ, 1955). Thus the house’s pyramid hip roof sits on a square base. Thus the distribution of the ground floor. Thus the courtyard takes its cue from the opening in Kahn’s roof.

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A neglected attic has come to life in a listed 1835 building near Vienna’s Ringstrasse. Age notwithstanding, the loadbearing parts allowed for a surprisingly open plan. And with a slight change to the roof’s pitch, areas otherwise too low became suitable for living. The result was a protracted, unencumbered space that spans the entire Southwest side. 

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