The Letter C is out!

In this issue we look at the sun. Yes, the sun. Sunlight. Sun worship. Dying in the sun. Staring at it. Windows, circles, things that look like the sun. A new era and its potential joys. "The Sun" yearns for eternal daylight. "I see, Therefore I Am" describes the additional layers of meaning that architectural photography can provide. "Winterbourne Sweat" speaks of transcending the anguish of a new global temperature. And "Spooky Drawer" tells the story of a trip to see where Le Corbusier drowned swimming towards the sun in the summer of 1965.

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Vient de paraître! The Letters ABCD is our quarterly magazine, lovingly written and edited by us, brought to you for free. We talk about things that often escape the margins of the project, that escape the every-day running of an architectural office. In our second issue we discuss some of the things that might happen when one travels.

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It's out! The first issue of TheLettersABCD is finally here. This is Steiner Architecture's inaugural magazine, edited with love and dedication, and some nice photos to boot.

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