Thoughts on building

Every place is unique. Buildings can unfold this uniqueness – very drastically, or with great restraint. We understand building and architectural design as a process that investigates places and reveals their characteristic features. Very often, surprising architectural solutions can be found by simple means and straight forward measures.

But architecture must also follow the human scale and is bound to shelter, protect and comfort people - as well as to excite, challenge and free their minds.

Taking sustainability seriously, buildings surely have to last: They have to be constructed with respect to the materials used, and they have to be designed to endure in an ever-changing environment.

Our projects should adapt to people and their needs.
They should be affordable; and they should accompany their users on the exciting journey that is their life.
Our projects understand humans as individuals.

Flo Oberschneider & Ferdi Porsche
Flo Oberschneider, M.Arch.
born in Zell am See
2006 - 2014
studies of architecture at the Technical University in Graz and the Academy of fine Arts in Vienna, master degree at the academy with honors
2006 - 2014
working experience in several international architecture and design studios
- including Volker Giencke and Company Architects in Graz, BIG Architecture in Copenhagen, Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See
starting to work independently in the field of architectural design - collaborations with Studio F.A. Porsche, Architect Andreas Volker and Architect Univ. Prof. August Sarnitz
since 2019
Steiner Architecture f/f together with Ferdi Porsche
Ferdi Porsche, B.Sc.
born in Munich
working experience at serveral film productions - Summerset Film GmbH, Munich
since 2012
studies of architecture at the Technical University in Vienna
internship at David Chipperfield Architects Ltd., London
starting to work with Flo Oberschneider on the projects Auwirt in Aurach and Prielau in Zell am See
since 2017
Greger Porsche Motorsport GmbH - GP Ice Race
since 2019
Steiner Architecture f/f together with Flo Oberschneider