pavilion living


Every place is unique. Buildings can unfold this uniqueness -
very drastically, or with great restraint.
We understand buildings and architectural design as a process that
investigates places and reveals their characteristic features.
Very often, surprising architectural solutions can be found by simple
means and straightforward measures.

private museum

But architecture must also follow the human scale and is bound to
shelter, protect and comfort people - as well as to excite,
challenge and free their minds.
Taking sustainability seriously, buildings surly have to last:
They have to be constructed with respect to the materials used,
and they have to be designed to endure in an ever-changing

hotel and marketplace


hotel prielau

gasthof auwirt


Our projects should adapt to people and their needs.
They should be affordable; and they should accompany their users
on the exciting journey that is their life.
Our projects understand humans as individuals.

visitor center

vienna museum

lake house