An annexe is to be built onto a 1920s villa. The existing building occupies a central position on the site. The annexe is considerably subtler and connects an under-represented area of the property: a new construction comprising 4free-standing, independent structures with transparent connections. A slight lowering of the ground floor enables the new building to be placed on the property while emphasising the building’s base in a novel way.

Open, bright spaces with the opportunity to retreat – both inside and outside – are created. The project's diverse spaces show the family’s individual, independent way of living. A slab between the ground floor and the top floor serves to connect the free-standing structures and, through its complexity, an interplay of protected and transparent areas is established.

Zell am See, Salzburg, Austria
2019 -
extension of a villa from the 1920s
variety of materials and spaces / individual lifestyle / strong contrasts