A new construction is to be built on the extensive grounds to the west of the current family-owned hotel. Spacious suites, a luxury spa, and large dining areas. The new structure will be divided horizontally- a new horizon and abundant effortlessness will come into being. The suites –which float above the new, raised exterior space – are conceived as single structures connected via access passages - the architecture conveys the context of the surrounding landscape of the Wild Kaiser mountain range. The podium, which houses the spa and dining area, is integrated into the landscape and re-imagined through the choice of materials. Colourful tiles on the façade subtly indicate the building's function and bring an element of surprise in their look and feel. Large interior courtyards and diverse vistas enable the interior and exterior to merge into one another and allow guests to appreciate the ground floor as an extension of the landscape.

Reith, Tirol, Austria
Hotel Lisi
2019 -
spa area and hotel extension
surrounding / playful materials / new horizon