Hallstatt is a sight. One of Austria's most famous views lies in the direct line of sight of the monumental, historic Salzamt building.Sitting on a raised base, the Salzamt office stands several above the road in front of an impressive, steep northern-facing slope. With a beautifully designed staircase, the historic building, a chapel and the Salinen museum building all form an indoor ensemble at the southern end of Hallstatt. As well as its direct view of the historic centre and the lake, the site is distinguished by topography which is highly challenging to build on. The existing ensemble is due to be expanded. The new buildings deliberately play a supporting role to the Salzamt. A transparent pane extends from the supporting wall behind the existing building to the east. To the west, the wellness area also forms an extension of the supporting wall line in a monolithic building integrated into the topography.

The existing building is the functional center of the site. Here, in the restored, historic environment are the reception and the lobby. After arriving, the guests spread out through the suites on the top floor and in the rooms of the new building next-door. The new construction is structured so as to have rooms only on one side. This guarantees that each of the 80 rooms enjoys a perfect view of the historic centre and over the lake. The access zones are located in the south and feature areas where people can spend time informally. The building's structure is out of concrete.

The wellness area has been deliberately positioned as mall distance from the two accommodation buildings. A corridor which runs along the historic supporting wall and an aisle to the existing building connect the wellness area to the first floor of the other two buildings. Guests can thus walk to the wellness facilities from their room without having to pass the restaurant or reception in a bathrobe. Modern wellness spaces must include areas with adequate privacy – views looking out/over intact natural landscapes add a special touch. The hall is situated on the ground floor of the solitary construction – open to the north in the summer and facing precisely towardsHallstatt. The fitness and sauna areas are split between the two top floors, each with considered openings and outdoor areas. The structural entity is executed precisely in exposed concrete and its roof passes directly into the premises.

Hallstatt, Oberösterreich, Austria
Kyat Gruppe
2017 - competition
renovation of the historic “Salzamt“ and new hotel
clearly structured / view / ensemble