The site in Aurach is multi-faceted and challenging - to the east runs the high-traffic Pass-Thurn-Straße, bordering to the south is an almost industrial-scale construction with HGV docks, in the west lies the impressive natural landscape of the Jochberger Ache and to the north there are unimposing homes and expansive fields. According to the design, two linear hotel structures are positioned towards the river and to the south - as a shield from the building development and to draw attention to the river area. Since it is a public building, the market hall faces the road and acts as a go-between to the construction site.

The hotel's ground floor zone is designed to be diagrammatic, with each area boasting a deliberately different design. The reception is located at the head of the construction towards the road, which leaves the courtyard traffic-free, allowing it to be used as a park. As a free-formed single structure, the restaurant faces the river and embraces the landscape in the project. The entire ground floor is sunk around 1 metre below the site - exciting, new angles are created and the podium is reinterpreted in a fresh architectural context, and through a surprising, new dimension the main structure takes on a land art aspect. The three hotel floors are designed as timber constructions with varied façades - resulting in different types of rooms and permitting the hotel room to be individually experienced.

Jochberg, Tirol, Austria
2019 -
hotel construction and marketplace
diverse program / concrete and wood / site related