Clinic in Anif

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    Anif, Salzburg
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May 2023: Someone who loves us very much flew their drone around the construction site in Anif and sent us these. It's taking shape quite quickly and we can't wait to get in and work on those delicious details.

Anif May 1
Anif May 1

Insulated concrete forms the basis of the project. Here shortly after removing formwork.

Well ventilated and naturally lit environments are key to treating respiratoryillnesses. That is  the cornerstone behind this specialist clinic on the outskirts of Salzburg.

Green courtyards and generous windows connect the rooms directly to nature. Coloured lime-plaster regulates air humidity inside, and offers a graceful counterpoint t­o the rougher concrete exterior. Seen from the outside, the traditional gable roofs of the Salzburg region seem to have been geometricized, yet the consonance with the neighboring architecture endures.